zoopsycholog i trener pomaga zrozumieć i wychować nasze koty i psy
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Animal Psychologist in Warsaw helps cats and dogs owners with behavioral issues


Welcome to the cheerful pet wonderland…

Welcome to the 'PetBonTon • Pet Well-Bred' website. My name is Julia Galia and I am a Pet Psychologist and a Positive Pet Trainer. I help pet owners resolve behavioral problems of their cats and dogs. Visit our new website: http://petbonton.pl/welcome/ !



What do pet behaviorist do?

Pet psychologists are people that understand animal behavior, including animal instinct and social behavior as it relates to their natural environment or the environment they share with humans. A pet psychologist, also known as an animal behavior specialist, will consult with pet owners about their pet's behavioral problems, trying to determine the best behavior modification plan for owners to implement with their pets.

Pet behaviorist’s main responsibilities:

• behavioral interpretation of dogs and cats in various situations (home, garden, walk)
• diagnosis and treatment of undesirable behavior of dogs and cats
• help with proper socialization and upbringing of puppies and kittens
• advice on building a healthy relationship between the owner and the pet
• support by pet adoptions from the shelter and their adaptation to a new home
evaluation of the mental state of the pet, the assessment of its personality, predisposition to various types of activity

Once we understand what a dog or a cat communicates with their behavior to us, we can begin to work.
Many cats and dogs have benefited so far from my involvement/help.

'PetBonTon' is ready to help all non-polish speakers based in Warsaw (and surroundings) with all pet behavioral issues like:
disobedience, barking, urine marking, furniture scratching, anxiety, phobias or any other undesirable behavior of cats and dogs... Professional animal psychologist and trainer will help you to solve these problems. Do not hesitate and feel free to contact us with any issue.

We work in Warsaw, speak English
(German and Italian) and are willing to help you communicate better with your pet!

Call us at: +48 504 779 358
or email us: julia@petbonton.pl

My education

I am a pet psychologist and a dog trainer using the Natural Method®. I graduated with the MA degree from the University of Warsaw. For quite a long time, I have been professionally involved in my long-term passion which is animal and pet upbringing & training.

I discovered that being a Pet Psychologist allows you to improve the well-being of pets living in human environment. I completed the course “Pet Psychologist” at the European Study Center of Animal Psychology. After graduating from this institution, I received a professional diploma of a Pet Psychologist, approved by the Ministry of Education. I am also a member of the Polish Association of Pet Psychologists. Further, I also completed a course on the use of flower essence by Dr Bach as a product supporting behavioral therapies. I am also a certified dog trainer using the Natural Method®. Now, I continue my education at SWPS - University of Social Sciences and Humanities. My post-diploma studies at the Faculty of Animal Psychology include not only cats’ and dog’s behavioral issues but knowledge about horses’ psychology as well.

 We help to introduce new pets to the existing pack,
we solve territorial aggression issues and urine marking problems.


We will help to solve barking issues, anxieties, depressions;
we introduce dogs to the city environment and we fight their fears.


Do not hesitate and contact us if you feel that you and your pet need our support!

E-mail us: julia@petbonton.pl  or  call at: +48 504 779 358





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